Norbert the Squirrel

A framed cross stitched squirrel with "Raleigh" text underneath


When Raleigh friends are moving away, you realize it’s the perfect opportunity for squirrel crafting

Aside from fiber arts and programing, I’m a pretty active human. On Friday mornings I meet up at the crack of dawn for what has been dubbed “Breakfast Club”, a 30 minute chill run or walk to waste time before Benchwarmer Bagels opens. This group of humans is such a great time and I was sad to find that 2 of them were moving out of state, so naturally I had to think of some cute/funny/crazy thing I could make for them.

It was such a quick turn-around project since they were moving in 2 weeks, I didn’t have much time to figure out what I wanted to make them. Luckily one afternoon while on a bike ride with my beau and him yelling at crazy squirrels that were running back and forth on the greenway in front of us, it hit me. I’ve gotta make them a Raleigh squirrel! We are the “City of Oaks” by the way.

Originally I thought what a cool idea but worried there wouldn’t be a lot of options, luckily Etsy never lets me down 😆

A screenshot of "squirrel cross stitch pattern" results on

A few minutes of browsing and I found the perfect pattern courtesy of LaSelvaDesign, “Gray Squirrel Cross Stitch PDF bundle” that included 4 small patterns:

  • Happy squirrel
  • Squirrel finding an acorn
  • Squirrel sleeping (I think this one was honestly my favorite)
  • Squirrel digging

I ended up going with the happy squirrel pattern and tacked on “raleigh” below him using a small alphabet pattern found in a quick Google search. To finish him up Target came to the rescue with this perfect little circle matted 6×6 wood looking frame.

Behold! Norbert the squirrel

A framed cross stitched squirrel with "Raleigh" text underneath

How to make your own Norbert the Squirrel