How I Learned Cross Stitch

Kirby the video game character "Pastel Dreams" cross stitch pattern PDF


How I learned cross stitch was just totally me. Like how I am with running and starting out too fast, guess who started out way over their head with their very first cross stitch project 🙋🏼‍♀️

The Backstory

Friday, January 27th 2023 – 3:03PM
[Insert Law & Order ‘DUN DUN’ sound effect]

I get a text thread from my sister:

“How’d you make your pompom? I have this little thing that looks like a torture device. More importantly, what are you knitting next? I want you to make me this for my bday”

She then proceeded to provide a link to Etsy. Unfortunately the shop/item are no longer available, or else I would’ve provided the actual link, but here’s a preview of some of the pattern 😵‍💫

Kirby Pastel Dreams cross stitch pattern preview

Letting her know I have never cross stitched before, I thought that was the end of that discussion.

But the pattern was so darn cute…

So after an Etsy purchase, 1 trip to Joann Fabric & Craft store, a chat with a little old lady in the yarn aisle to make sure I purchased the right items, several YouTube tutorial videos, many coffees/beers and an entire year later (no my sister did not actually get this for her birthday, which was in March) I give you “Kirby Pastel Dreams”!

Finished cross stitch project of Kirby the video game character

He’s not be entirely complete (as I found I did not purchase/put him in a big enough hoop for the pattern) but for now i’m calling it done. Should I find myself with a larger hoop to put him in, I’ll most likely work on it a bit more so he looks presentable in a frame.

How I Actually Learned Cross Stitch

Step 1: Watch lots of YouTube videos

Step 2: Find a really sweet old lady at Joann and ask them for help. No joke, I wish I had gotten her name cause she was so nice, super helpful to make sure I had everything I needed and was very happy to help/talk me through the pattern instructions. True story, I almost bought too much floss.

Step 3: Coffee & Beer. I spent a lot of time hanging out at Black & White Coffee/ Videri Chocolate Factory, Vault Craft Beer, Blackbird Books & Coffee and of course Tasty Beverage, working on this seemingly endless cross stitch pattern.

Please for the love of all, I just want to go back to knitting.